Advocacy Action Alert | SB 1108 – Change “ARD Committee” to “IEP Team”

SB 1108 – Change “ARD Committee” to “IEP Team”!

Posted: 4/8/21


An ARD (Admission, Review, and Dismissal) is meant to refer to the process that determines whether a student is eligible for an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and what will be included on the IEP. By the time a school refers a child for special education testing or services, parents should already be aware that the school suspects the child has a disability. The term ARD is redundant and may be confusing to parents and students. “IEP” is also the terminology used in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Senate Bill 1108 relates to the terminology that is used to refer to an individualized educational program team. It would change the term “ARD” to the more accurate, appropriate, and more widely-used term, “IEP Team.” This would reduce confusion for parents and students with autism and other disabilities, and align the terminology with IDEA.


SB 1108 – by Senator Beverly Powell (Companion: HB 411 by Rep. Julie Johnson)

Read the full bill text here:

Specific Action Needed:

Contact the Senate Committee on Jurisprudence Chair & Clerk. Tell them “I support Senate Bill 1108, but it has not had a hearing. Please bring it up for a hearing. It is confusing to parents and students with autism and other disabilities to have unnecessary and inaccurate terms used when determining special education services. A companion bill, HB 411, is in the Local and Consent Calendar, which is scheduled for April 9th.”

Who to Call/Email:

Clerk for Senate Committee on Jurisprudence: Koy Kunkel  Phone: (512) 463-0493

Chair for Senate Committee on Jurisprudence: Senator Joan Huffman at

Now to take action on the companion bill, HB 411:

Let us know if you were successful or if AST Advocacy staff need to do any follow-ups at 512-479-4199 Ext. 10 or