ABA/Medicaid Benefit- Rate Hearing 11/14/23

Applied Behavior Analysis therapy (ABA) became a covered benefit for those utilizing Medicaid beginning on 2/1/22. The reimbursement rates for ABA under the Medicaid benefit have not been high enough for many providers to be able to take clients on Medicaid. In addition, the process to become a Medicaid/ABA provider has been long and challenging. These factors have led to a slower rollout of the ABA benefit and a lack of therapy providers, which in turn has impacted families across the state who are struggling to find a provider that takes Medicaid, or they if they find a provider, their children are on long waitlists to begin receiving needed services. If you are a family on a waiting list or have had other issues accessing ABA services utilizing Medicaid, please contact us at advocacy@texasautismsociety.org. If you are an ABA provider, please also feel free to reach out to us!

In addition, TxABA PPG needs help from providers! They are collecting data about the Texas Medicaid ABA benefit!

Please share and complete the survey about the 2024 proposed rates: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MFFB8ZT

Survey closes on 11/10/23.

Looking for factual information about ABA? Please check out the Autism Society’s Guide that can be found here.

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