Final Hurdle! Four Bills Need Your Help!

First! Congratulations!  Your hard work has paid off and these two bills were sent to the Governor yesterday and are set to become law! 

After 3 sessions (6 years!!), HB 159 – improved teacher training so teachers learn specifics of how to work with all disabilities including how to make accommodations, best practices for each disability, etc, has been sent to the Governor. SB- 89– also known as the COVID-19 Special Ed. Recovery Act has also been sent to the Governor to become law! Wow and Thank You!


They are at the “final hurdle” and need a push across the finish line! Please call or email!


Please call the Lt. Governor’s office first and your own Texas State Senator or as many Senators as you can. Senate Directory.

Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick: (512) 463-0001 or

Find your Texas State Senator here:

What to say for all bills:

“The following bills are very important to the Autism Community. Please bring these bills up on the Senate floor and send them to the Governor’s office to become law- HB 1252, HB 1535, HB 2256, and HB 3880 .”  (See bill descriptions below).

HB 1252 | Will extend time to file a due process complaint from one year to two years

This bill would align Texas law with federal law by expanding the statute of special education due process hearings from one year to two years. Full bill text can be found here:

HB 1535 | Will expand the TX Compassionate Use Program Expansion (TCUP) for Medicinal Marijuana

This bill expands the Texas Compassionate Use Act and supports those who need safe, legal access to medical cannabis. Full bill text can be found here:

HB 2256 | Will create Bilingual Special Education Teacher Certification 

This bill would create a bilingual special education certification to teach students of limited English proficiency with disabilities. Full bill text can be found here:

HB 3880 | Will reform Dyslexia intervention standards and strategies-Provides Full & Comprehensive Eval. Under IDEA

HB 3880 would help bring Texas into compliance with federal law by guaranteeing students with dyslexia the right to a full evaluation of their needs under IDEA, rather than just a dyslexia-only evaluation. Full bill text can be found here:

If the above four bills pass this is a huge win for individuals with autism and other disabilities! Other bills set to become law: HB-785, the BIP Bill (Behavior Intervention Plans must be reviewed annually in the IEP) and SB-40- reimbursement for telemedicine for therapies! Keep calling, it’s making a difference! 

If you need help, or if any offices have questions or need follow up, please contact us at or (512) 479-4199, Ext. 10. Thank you!