Help Fix Special Education!

HELP FIX SPECIAL EDUCATION! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!   Please call and tell conference committee members (listed below), “Please support House Budget Rider X-9/ Senate Budget Rider III-75”.   These budget riders will:   1) Provide transparency about the progress of TEA’s corrective actions. The Texas Education Agency recently indicated […]

HB 3: Include Special Ed. Funding!

HB 3 will be heard in the Public Education Committee today, Tuesday 3/12!  We need you to send emails & or make calls asking for  HB 3 to be amended to include Special Education funding today & tomorrow! Hearing notice: ( Don’t stop calling/emailing until you hear that HB 3 […]

Advocacy Alert: Help us get ABA covered under Medicaid!

Please contact the following state Representatives and express your support to fund Exceptional Item 45 which would give children on Medicaid access to ABA therapy! Please email the following people (see email sample below): Rep. John Zerwas, Chair (R-Richmond) Appropriations Chair Rep. Sarah Davis, Art ll, Chair (R-West University Place) […]