Texas Autism Advocacy | Take Action Now!

Texas Autism Advocacy Day | Take Action Now!

Autism Society of Texas has put together categories of interest on legislation that is happening right now that will directly impact the Texas autism community.  Take action below!

Fund Medicaid ABA Benefits!

House Bill 1 Rider 21 | Fund the Medicaid ABA Benefit in the State Budget

Improve Special Education!

5/10/21-NEW! House Bill 1252 | Extend Due Process Filing from 1 to 2 Years for Sped. Violations

5/10/21-NEW! House Bill 3880 | Include Full Evaluations for Dyslexia in Special Education

4/23/21: House Bill 785 | Annual Reviews of Behavioral Intervention Plans

4/23/21: House Bill 411 | Change “ARD Committee” to “IEP Team”

Senate Bill 1108 | Change “ARD Committee” to “IEP Team” 

5/10/21: House Bill 144 | COVID-19 Special Education Recovery Act

4/16/21: Senate Bill 89 | COVID-19 Special Education Recovery Act

COMPLETED! 5/3/21: House Bill 159 | Improve Teacher Training

UPDATED * 5/2/21: Senate Bill 180 | Improve Teacher Training

House Bill 2297 | Prohibit Early Pick-Ups as Discipline!

Telemedicine & Broadband

4/16/21-No action needed. House Bill 4 | Include ABA in Telemedicine & Telehealth Services!

Support Caregiver Visitation Rights! 

House Bill 892 | Support the Rights of Caregiver Visitation

Support Autism Insurance Equity!

House Bill 2984 | Autism Insurance Equity Bill

Protect Voting Rights For All!

House Bill 6 | Don’t make it hard for people with disabilities to vote

Medicinal Marijuana

UPDATED 4/27/21-Continued Action Needed! House Bill 1535 | Expand the Texas Compassionate Use Act